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Tag: jail lock renovation

Future-Proofing Aging Correctional Facilities: Revitalizing Security with The Wedge Retrofit

Future-proofing aging prisons is essential to ensure their continued functionality and adaptability. As jail administrators and maintenance supervisors navigate the challenges of maintaining safety and security within aging correctional facilities, any solution adopted has to both address present security needs and also ensure long-term effectiveness. The Wedge retrofit for swinging doors offers an exceptional approach to future-proofing security in aging prisons, creating a safer environment...

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Fulton County turns to Willo Products & The Wedge to solve lock issue at the center of federal oversight, assaults, & lawsuits

For years, Fulton County officials worked to improve conditions at the county’s jail to comply with a federal consent order. But one last major renovation was required by the order – the replacement of more than 1,300 cell door locks. Because of the facility’s age, parts were no longer available to fix the old locks. Many were broken and others could be easily be popped opened by inmates. Incidents on record included repeated inmate-on-inmate violence and multiple attacks on jail staff. Fulton’s...

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