Willo Provides complete solutions to complex security problems

Inmates are getting out of their cells at unexpected times.

Willo’s Wedge for swinging doors and Willo’s retrofit devices for sliding doors are THE solutions to increasing your security and eliminating tampering of your locks.

Inmates stuff the receiver with debris, thereby keeping the lock from deadlocking when the door is closed.

When an inmate tries to pack the receiver, the trash falls to the bottom of the hollow housing. This debris can be easily removed from the clean-out port located at the bottom of the Wedge.

Control Room indication is faulty and our staff does not trust indication lights.

Willo can assess and suggest options for repair or full replacement with our Security Electronics experience.

Our sliding door locking devices constantly require maintenance.

Willo can evaluate, service, or repair you devices or install complete upgrades.

Inmates are breaking the locks by slamming the door against a deadlocked latch bolt.

If an inmate tries to damage the lock in this way, the Wedge’s tamper alarm alerts officers and all within earshot.



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