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Swinging Door Locks

Many older facilities feature a narrow-jamb lock that mounts into a two-inch-wide door frame. While not a bad lock for minimum security applications, the narrow-jamb lock cannot withstand the abuse it gets in a maximum-security cell block. In that application, it is easily defeated. Even maximum security locks can be defeated with methods commonly shared among inmates. Liability risks are at an all-time high because locks are being defeated, resulting in inmate attacks on officers and other inmates. Willo Products can offer critical detention upgrades to make your jail reliably safe.

The Wedge

In response to the problem of savvy inmates defeating aging swing door locks, Willo Products has designed a more secure surface-mounted lock pocket. The Willo Wedge introduces the patented Gripper and Tamper Alarm to counter the many ways you see your locks being defeated.

The Wedge can be integrated with most controls with minimum interference. Call us today to schedule a site assessment and get an estimate for upgrading your swing door locks and improving you facility’s security.

Quick Facts

Patented Security Features

Thousands Installed
to date

Defeated to date

ASTM F1450
Impact Test Certified

Patented Gripper

Patented Tamper Alarm
ALERTS officer when lock is manipulated

Hollow receiver
CANNOT pack with debris

Always know status of lock on floor and in control room.