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In the News: The Wedge Lock Retrofit Part of Solution for System in Turmoil

According to an article first published in The State, county officials and jail administrators in Richland County, S.C. have taken decisive action to improve security at Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center, including a $2.5 million jail lock retrofit to install The Willo Wedge.

The jail faces the same problems as many facilities across the country, including chronic understaffing and persistent security issues, with the state Department of Corrections demanding a strategy for remedial action by April 18, 2023.

The county responded with a comprehensive plan to improve security at the facility, which included a sweeping retrofit of the jail’s locks. The State called The Wedge “a centerpiece of the jail’s security overhaul.” With 90% of the facility’s locks set to be replaced, this represents a significant investment in the safety and security of the jail’s inmates and employees.

Willo Products custom tailored a solution for Richland County, including upgrading their infrastructure by pulling new wiring necessary to power The Wedge.

Interim jail director Crayman Harvey said, The Wedge, along with other improvements, will lead to a “culture change” that will increase safety and attract high-quality candidates to the jail, addressing the longstanding problem of understaffing.

The Wedge was engineered to provide a more secure locking system while still utilizing the existing door, frame, and control system. It comes with patented features, including a double-offset design, The Gripper, and Tamper Alarm, that prevent inmates from manipulating the lock and alert officers to any attempts. With a red/green LED indicator and audible alarm, officers can rest assured that a cell door will stay locked once secured.

In addition to the Wedge, the Richland County jail is also restructuring its leadership to have a jail director, compliance director, and assistant director. The goal is to have an executive leader available at the jail around the clock. The jail’s administration has also taken steps to address compromised units, including shutting down solitary confinement and creating four new classifications for housing.

Willo Products is proud to have played a crucial role in helping Richland County officials and jail administrators address safety concerns at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center. The county’s comprehensive plan to improve security and leadership at the facility, along with The Wedge, will go a long way towards ensuring the safety of both inmates and employees.

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