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Future-Proofing Aging Correctional Facilities: Revitalizing Security with The Wedge Retrofit

Future-proofing aging prisons is essential to ensure their continued functionality and adaptability. As jail administrators and maintenance supervisors navigate the challenges of maintaining safety and security within aging correctional facilities, any solution adopted has to both address present security needs and also ensure long-term effectiveness. The Wedge retrofit for swinging doors offers an exceptional approach to future-proofing security in aging prisons, creating a safer environment for both staff and residents.

The Vitality of Future-Proofing

The Wedge retrofit provides a forward-looking solution that revitalizes security measures, upgrading security at the cell door and safeguarding against common methods residents use to tamper with and defeat less-secure locking systems. Embracing future-proofing with an advanced locking system ensures that aging facilities can remain secure and effective, without the need for frequent updates or extensive “rip-and-replace” renovations.

The Wedge: A Patented, Secure Choice

As a surface-mounted hollow lock pocket with impact test certification, The Wedge’s numerous patented features offer unparalleled security for aging prison facilities. Its double offset design prevents residents from accessing the lock bolt area from inside the cell. Next, the Gripper, an interlocking strip of metal that goes all the way around the latch bolt, seals the bolt and prevents sheeting and carding the lock. Finally, if a resident attempts to manipulate or tamper with the lock, the Tamper Alarm alerts officers with a flashing LED and audible alarm.

By integrating the Wedge, correctional authorities can proactively mitigate risks and prevent potential vulnerabilities, preserving the safety of staff, residents, and the public for years to come.

Seamlessly Adapting for the Future

Future-proofing with the Wedge retrofit seamlessly integrates into aging prison structures, minimizing disruptions and costs. Its installation process is efficient, allowing correctional facilities to allocate resources to other essential areas while effectively enhancing their security infrastructure. This adaptable approach ensures the prison remains fortified against evolving security challenges.

Empowering Rehabilitation through Enhanced Security

Investing in The Wedge retrofit not only fortifies security but also empowers rehabilitation efforts within aging prisons. By creating a safer and more secure environment, inmates can participate more effectively in rehabilitative programs, fostering positive change and an environment more likely to reduce recidivism rates. A future-proofed prison facilitates the rehabilitation journey for residents, contributing to their successful reintegration into society.

Sustaining for the Long Run

The Wedge retrofit not only reinvigorates aging prisons but also sustains their functionality for the long run. Embracing forward-thinking security measures ensures that correctional facilities can endure the test of time, without compromising on safety or efficiency. Future-proofing with The Wedge retrofit is a proactive investment in the prison’s future, safeguarding its mission to provide secure and effective incarceration.

By embracing innovative solutions that adapt to emerging challenges, correctional authorities can ensure the safety and well-being of staff, inmates, and the community. Let the Wedge retrofit serve as the bedrock for future-proofing aging prisons, empowering them to navigate the evolving landscape of security and corrections with confidence and success.

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