The Wedge: Willo’s Impact Test Certified Surface-Mounted Lock Pocket

You’ve hired the best corrections officers, trained them well, and trusted them to run your jail with integrity. But that might not be enough. Even with the best security personnel in place, inmates may still find a way to tamper with outdated locks. Inmates jam cloth, paper, cardboard, and even plastic silverware into locks to manipulate the bolt mechanisms and escape. One of the biggest problems with outdated locks is that inmates share historical information with each other about the...

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6 Expert Tips to Improve Jail Safety & Security

Even with the proper equipment in place, a jail still needs some fundamental Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to achieve optimal security and jail safety. While funding, staffing, and equipment obviously matter for the ultimate security of your facility, you can implement some simple safety measures to ensure the highest security possible with your current resources. Here are Willo’s 6 expert tips on how to improve your jail’s safety and security.   1 – Daily Cell Checks for...

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Don’t Take Security for Granted

In a world where we spend our lives surrounded by things built for ease of use, it is easy to mistake how simple a device is to use with how simple or complex the device actually is. All too often, the level of detail that goes into making a device, and especially the level of care needed to keep it operating reliably, is overlooked because its day-to-day use doesn’t require much thought. As we take these details for granted, wear and tear can cause minor issues, and if ignored long enough, those...

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