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Jefferson County Downtown Jail Beaumont, TX Locking Devices Retrofit

Retrofitting Sliding Door Locking Devices

The Jefferson County Downtown Jail in Beaumont, TX had 220 SS7100 sliding door devices that were worn out. They were planning on removing these devices and replacing them with completely new locking devices, but we were able to offer them another solution – retrofitting the locking devices.

Our retrofit kit allowed them to replace the operating mechanism of the locking devices without having to remove the track-box above each door. Additionally, we also helped them write the bid document to allow each concept to bid. The final result of this project was that we saved the county approximately $400,000 and were awarded the project. This project also included renovating the control boxes and furnishing new control panels.

The Result: A savings of approximately $400,000 and less down-time for the facility.

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