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Fulton County Jail System

The Wedge - Retrofit Swinging Door Lock

In 2006 the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta was put under a court order to improve security and safety for both inmates and officers. The facility had experienced a high rate of attacks both inmate-on-inmate and inmate-on-officer because inmates were easily defeating the old locks.

Jail officials called Willo asking for help in solving the problem of locks that inmates were able to defeat easily and quickly. Over the next few months, working closely with the Fulton County officials, Willo designed the Wedge. In order to test the Wedge, Chief Adger first had Willo install nine of the devices and put the inmates most proficient at popping the locks in the test cells. He enticed them with $20 worth of free commissary if they defeat the Wedge and get out of their cells. None were able to do so.

As a result, Colonel Adger was able to get funding to install 950 Wedges throughout the two seven-story towers. Fulton County Jail is now a more secure facility, experiencing significantly less violence and significantly higher staff morale.

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