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Convert Kitchen to Cells

Converting Unused Kitchen into Jail Cells

Officials at Montgomery County Jail in Conroe, TX had a kitchen area that was no longer in use. They needed more inmate cells and asked if we could assist in renovating that space. Knowing that we had many of the products they would need, including wall, ceiling, and door partitions, we knew that we could help them make the most out of the unused space.

We worked with a local Architect to define the equipment required and to write the bid specifications. Then, we helped the facility add 12 eight-man cells, each with its own shower, toilet, TV, IC, and dayroom table. They were also able to fit in a new holding cell into the space. In addition to providing assistance with converting the unused space, we also providing a new CCTV system to monitor the corridors, as well as a new control panel.

The Result: A cost-effective solution to finding more space in an overcrowded facility.

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